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PUTAO  -  The  land  of  snowcapped  Mountains  Kachin  State  lies  in  the  Northern  part  of  the  Union  of   Myanmar  sharing  borders  with  China  in  the  North  and  East,  Shan  State  (Myanmar)  and  Sagaing  Division  (Myanmar)  and  India  in  the  West.

Kachin  State  has  diverse  attractions  PUTAO,  is  a  picturesque  town  in  Kachin  State,  blessed  with  the  views  of  the  lingering  and  breathtaking  snowcapped  mountain  ranges. 

 Where  is  Hkakaborazi?

            Mt.  Hkakaborazi  is  on  the  northwestern  part  of  the  Union  of  Myanmar  near  the  Indian  border.  At  5881  metres  elevations,  it  is  the  highest  peak  in  Southeast  Asia  and  is  covered  with  ice  and  snow.

            The  Hkakaborazi  National  Park  was  established  in  1996  and  it  covers  an  area  of  1472  sq  miles.  Some  of  the  world's  most  endangered  butterfly  species  are  found  there.
           Apart  from  Mt.  Hkakaborazi,  there  are  many  other  high  peaks  covered  with  snow  and  ice.  This  northernmost  part  of  Myanmar  is  full  of  amazing  experience  for  both  domestic  and  international  tourists.


Mt. Phung gan
Mt. Phung gan has come to be a popular snow clad peak in Putao District for adventure tourism such as trekking and mountaineering.
Myoma Market Myoma Market in Putao is the right place for local produce vegetables and citrus fruits, herbal leaves and bulbs, honey, exotic orchids, medicinal plants and local handicrafts.
Malikha Suspension Bridge
Malikha Suspension Bridge links the twin cities of Putao and Machambaw.
Kaunghmu Lung Pagoda
Kaunghmu Lung Pagoda in the twin city of Putao-Machanbaw is historic to all Buddhist devotees.

Mulashidi Bridge
Mulashidi Bridge will bring the visitors to the citrus orchards.
Rafting down the Maykha
Mulashidi BridgeMaykha and Malika Rivers are the headwaters of River Ayeyarwaddy, popularly known as Myitsone, located 43 km north of Myitkyina.
A team of Kayakers and rafters successfully explored the rivers of Kachin State during February - March 2003. There is no feeling quite like being in the middle of wilderness where every new rapid is a adventure. The canyon is breathtaking; the vertical walls are covered with vines and creepers; waterfall cascade down into the River from the side streams.


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